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Have you been looking for an alternative source of energy to your daily latte, cappuccino or espresso? Have you tried herbal teas or regular teas and found they didn't give you the same boost?

Do you crave the indulgence of a warm foamy latte? The quick boost of your daily fix?

Try our amazing matcha tea, as an espresso, latte or cappuccino. It will deliver a boost 3-6 times longer than your coffee and will do so without making you anxious or nervous.

Whats more, you can cut down or cut out your coffee consumption completely with no ill effects if you use matcha. The small amount of caffeine that is slow-released into your system is gentle and sustained and helps you avoid the headaches and other negative side effects of giving up coffee.

12 reasons why you should cut down your coffee consumption and start drinking matcha tea

Longer Energy Boost
Coffee's energy boost is very front-loaded – most of the caffeine enters your system quickly, peaking after 30-45 minutes at which point it tails off sharply leading to the dreaded coffee crash. Now you're more tired than you were and need, yes, more coffee. It's a vicious circle caffeine addicts know all too well.
Matcha delivers its energy in a slow-release fashion. The boost can be as quick as coffee but is much gentler and lasts much longer – typically 3-5 hours , though 6-7 hours are not unheard of. The energy tails off naturally with no crash. Some of our customers feel a real boost, others note a complete lack of tiredness. One thing they all agree on – matcha keeps them energized for hours longer than normal.
Increased Focus
Coffee can perk you up and does improve mental the short term. Matcha does the same for 3-5 times longer. Whats more matcha has something coffee doesn't: L-theanine, which is scientifically proven to boost memory and mental functioning, all the while calming you and relaxing you.
Decreased stress levels.
As anyone who drinks coffee knows, the more you drink, the more stressed out you become due to coffees caffeine which spikes adrenaline and cortisol levels.
This leads to anxiety, irritability and lack of focus. Worse still, the long term effect of artificially whipping your adrenaline and cortisol levels into a stressed state means a weakened immune system and accelerated aging.
L-theanine on the other hand is scientifically proven to help the body deal with physiological and psychological stress. Our customers love the feeling of wellbeing they experience from our matcha tea. So when the pressure is on, matcha will calm you and relax you helping you perform when that deadline is looming.
Weight Loss
Matcha is a great choice for those worried about their weight. Studies show how high levels of green tea antioxidants can boost metabolism by up to 49%. While the caffeine in coffee should help you lose some weight, its not as effective as green tea. In addition, matcha has only 3 calories per serving. Best of all, its an appetite suppressant so where a coffee will leave you reaching for a croissant, you will feel full after a matcha.
Better digestion
Coffee is naturally acidic, so a lot of coffee addicts experience heatrburn and excess acid problems. Matcha is alkaline and so is gentle on the stomach.
Craving control

Heart health




Giving up Smoking

No more coffee breath
Ever kissed someone with bad coffee breath? Its not nice is it? Switch your coffee for matcha and you will be more kissable than ever - scientists at the Israeli institute of Technology found that green tea oxidants can abolish halitosis through modiying its sulfuric components. And not only will your mouth smell better but it will look better: green tea is an excellent protection against gum disease due to its antiviral properties. Just imagine - a mid afternoon you don't have to feel bad about.