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When we brew regular green tea, the first infusion usually only yields about 15% of the nutrients of the leaves. Even multiple brews yield only diminishing amounts of the tea's potency. 65% of green tea's nutrients are not soluble in water and you throw them in the rubbish bin every day.

Luckily matcha is a powder tea that gives you 100% of the trace elements, minerals and vitamins of the tea leaf. Goodness you normally throw in your compost heap. Its also specially cultivated by being shade-grown before harvest so its very high in L-theanine - an amino acid that has been scientifically proven to help deal with stress and anxiety. Therefore, matcha's has a famous "feel-good effect".

What's more, the tea leaf fibre you ingest with matcha appears to have a synergistic effect on all the soluble nutrients you get from brewed tea. So they're now much more powerful!

Why content yourself with a watered down version of the elixir of the immortals. Once you try matcha and feel its effects you'll never confuse it with regular green tea again.

8 great reasons why you need to switch from regular green tea to matcha tea today!

“Rocketfuel”. “Matcha makes my world go round”. “I can't live without it now”. These are some of the testimonials we've received praising matcha's fantastic ability to boost and sustain energy. This is due to a few factors – matcha's nutritional make up means that one of the energy drivers, caffeine, can only be absorbed by the body in a very slow time-released fashion. The receptors that ferry caffeine into the system become bunched together and can only transport a small amount of caffeine at any one time, leading to a very gentle slow release.

The other driver is our good friend EGCG, an antioxidant that appears to regulate blood sugar levels. This means that your energy levels don't dip after a few hours as normal but remain balanced, allowing you to keep going for much longer than normal, without the need or desire for a short term energy source like chocolate or a coffee. How much longer? Well, somewhere between 3 and 5 hours is the usual reported to us by our customers.
Matcha is specially shade grown to be very high in L-theanine, an amino acid proven to help deal with physiological and psychological stress. It boosts focus, memory and concentration and was used by Buddhist monks and Samurai warriors for precisely these effects during meditation and battle. This is one of the most explicit benefits of changing from green tea to matcha tea. Drinking matcha will leave you feeling much more relaxed, calm, positive and happy than drinking regular green tea.

Regular green tea is not shade grown and so does not have high levels of L-theanine: it will calm you, but it doesn't give the same feeling of wellbeing that matcha can.
Less Caffeine
Drinking regular green tea is a great idea and thousands of scientific studies back this up. There's just one problem - almost all these studies recommend drinking large quantities of regular green tea in order to gain the benefits. Sometimes these studies recommend 4 cups a day, sometimes 6 and and sometimes up to 8 cups of regular green tea are necessary to enjoy the benefits promised. We like green tea probably more than most, but 6-8 cups a day is a big ask. In terms of caffeine, this can be the equivalent of 2-3 cups of coffee. Not really an option for those who are sensitive... (to what?)

This is where matcha is so useful. Just one cup of matcha tea a day will give you benefits far in excess of those 6-8 cups of regular green tea at the price of 30mg of caffeine intake – the same as in a regular cup of green tea. So much more powerful benefits for the same level of caffeine – and that is before the effect of L-theanine kicks in to counteract caffeine's over stimulating effect.
Antioxidants are the body's guardians against the damage caused by free radicals – the molecules that can destabilise healthy cells leading to all sorts of damage, disease and aging. We know green tea is a good source of antioxidants, but matcha is a colossus in the tea world – a 2007 study found that matcha tea had up to 137 times the antioxidants of some other popular tea bag green teas. That means you would have to drink a cup of green tea every day for 4 whole months to get the same amount of antioxidants that are in one serving of matcha.
Regular green tea is an infusion, which means all the proteins, fibres and vitamins, which are non-soluble in water, never make it into the brew. Only by consuming the leaves whole as with matcha do you get access to Vitamins A, C, E and Niacin, as well as the Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Potassium and Sodium found in the leaves. All these, together with the tea leaf fibre work synergistically to boost the power of the soluble catechins and amino acids, giving you far more power, energy and calm than a regular cup of green tea.
Versatility of Preparation
You take a bag of regular green tea and you're faced with only one preparation choice: hot tea or iced tea. When you try matcha you may start with matcha espresso style, you can move onto lattes, add it to your juices and smoothies. You can even bake with it! The only limit is your imagination. If you're a coffee person, switch your regular lattes for matcha lattes. If you're in a rush shake it up cocktail style with some flavoured water. Drink it hot, cold, flavoured or sweet. you will find a matcha you like, we promise.
Beauty Benefits
Matcha is wonderful for your skin because of the high levels of antioxidants. Researchers have discovered that green tea antioxidants can revive the dying skin of the epidermis. But not only can you ingest matcha's antioxidants whole - you can apply them topically as well. Matcha is an excellent ingredient in face masks and is so finely powdered that it will penetrate right below the epidermis to revive skin and clear blemishes. Buy our matcha today and experience it for yourself.
“Much nicer than normal green tea”. “I love it with lemon”. “The latte is gorgeous”. One of the reasons we started this business is simple – matcha tea tastes better than normal green tea. Because of the high levels of L-theanine in matcha, it is a much smoother, sweeter drink than regular green tea. We've convinced hundreds if not thousands of people who normally hate green tea to buy our product. How? By letting them taste it. They are shocked at how mild and palatable it is. When we show them how it can be combined with something like lemon water, you can see their eyes widen. “I never though green tea could taste this good!” is a common reaction during our promotions. So if you' re sucking back regular green tea through gritted teeth because you're hoping it's good for you, why not try our delicious tea, which not only tastes better, but is also way better for you.