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Testimonials about Koyu Matcha Benefits

Would you like extra reassurance about how good our tea is? We've collected some of the best testimonials we've heard over the last few years and put them here for you. Remember you too can be enjoying benefits like these people have experienced: simply go to our shop and order our tea. Remember there's a money back guarantee so there's no risk! Go there now!


This tea gives me BALANCE. It balances my hormones, blood pressure, blood sugars, cholesterol and energy levels as well as helping me throughout the day with mental focus it's a tool for a life well lived. I feel so much better when I drink Matcha tea. Cleo

“Matcha green tea gives me a calmer boost for a number of hours without the regular caffeine side effects. I feel sharper throughout the day and it puts me in much better form. This may sound silly but it’s helping me get through the difficult times of this recession.” Gerard, Dublin

"I just so happened to be in a health food shop buying my usual box of green tea, when I was asked to try Matcha tea. What a lucky encounter! Immediately I loved the taste; smooth, rich and totally satisfying. I bought the Premium Matcha as I was having difficulty managing anxiety and stress levels. I can honestly say it's had a hugely positive effect on both. I feel calm but alert and now drink two cups daily - hot or cold. As a very pleasant side effect I've lost a few pounds due to the settling effect it has had on my blood sugars/appetite. I'm so happy to have discovered this wonderful product - thank you for bringing it to Ireland!" Rosie, Lucan

I eat it, I drink it, I'd snort it if I could – matcha makes my world go round!” Beccy, Dorchester


“I have recently switched from drinking coffee or tea to drinking Matcha, I really like the taste. I also have a cup of Matcha just before I go training, I find it gives me an extra energy boost during my workout.” Daniel, Kildare

“It relaxes me. yet it gives me this boost of energy that wakes me up but doesn't rattle me or have me bouncing off the walls. just enough to allow me to do things but with a calm relaxed sense. It also helps with my thyroid. I have Hashimoto's Disease and drinking Matcha helps with the things that a normal Thyroid should do.">Roger, Dublin

Definitely helps me out energy level wise anyway with working very long hours and late nights it really has made a difference (oh and it also rescued my cat from molten lava but you don't need to hear about that!) Mags, Dublin

I am a yoga teacher & for me the main benefit is the amazing balance of energy it gives me. I practice & teach a lot so I usually add matcha in my smoothie or make a green drink for my day in the morning & I'm done. I feel very energetic & balanced for my day & for my classes. Milenka, Dublin

If you are dead in the grave, it will wake you up it gives you so much energy. It is very revitalising. Meena, London.

"As a professional athlete, an integral part of my job description is keeping my body and mind in peak condition. I was optimistic when I received my tin of Koyu but also quite skeptical. I have drunk many forms of green tea, primarily steeped, and although it has always provided health benefits I had yet to see the specific energy increases boasted by Koyu. In short, I was rewarded for my optimism. I have experienced dramatic increases in both the strength and sustainability of my energy bursts after drinking Koyu and as a result, the only thing I have to think about in training sessions is how many goals I'm going to score! Cheers to Koyu and Kevin." Ryan Guy, footballer, New England Revolution.


“We bought our first Matcha at the womens world show recently, and both my husband and I are utterly converted. It is a fabulous product and really aids concentration in the morning.” Terri, Meath

I tried Matcha when I was giving up smoking. I felt it enhanced my resolve - my determination was substantially improved, along with a warm sense of optimism that I would succeed. Theres something in it that that brings about a strength, clarity and calmness- a great tool to help you achieve your goals. Nina, Dublin

I'm slow to notice changes when I add things to my diet normally but I definitely noticed more clarity from the premium tea and being able to retain figures such as car registrations after looking at it only once. Also being able to sit down and rationally think about things instead of going “Aargh” Eileen

“It just does something to the senses – it opens everything up. It frees everything up. I don't have the words to describe it.” A sales rep from a competing firm!


"I find I'm getting 5 to 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep which for me is a miracle" Patricia, Dublin.

"It got me off my sleeping tablets - its even better because the tablets make you groggy. I've tried everything else, but nothing works as well as the yellow (premium) matcha tea." Sinead, Athy

"My husband has fallen in love with me again. I no longer give him grief when I get home. I'm just so calm and relaxed" Marian, Mullingar


I have just discovered matcha tea this week by accident really. Its already stopped my cravings for chocolate of which I was a huge consumer on a daily basis without fail! I can't believe that it has reduced the craving almost completely at this stage within a week. Karen, Dublin

“I find Matcha tea an excellent source of energy & vitality. It quenchs the cravings, particularly round 3pm when I most feel like a sugar rush. It also leaves me feeling satisfied & less likely to eat large meals in the evening. My hair, skin & nails have all improved, and as a result of feeling more energetic, Matcha makes me feel more confident about facing difficult tasks.” Abigail, Tralee

Sandra says: “That tea is great for making you feel not bloated. Also great for your skin- I made a homemade face mask and found it great!” She also said: ” I was down 2 pounds. I drank it twice a day for a week and a half and then maybe once a day for another week. The beauty with losing the 2 pounds was that I wasn't dieting, in fact I was eating more than usual with being off the cigarettes!”

I’ve been drinking it for seven weeks now and I can definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, say that it 100% reduces the urge to snack. Especially on chocolate which was always my go to food whenever I needed a little boost.The Japanese Matcha green tea is great. I am finding it really good. I can only speak for myself but it really has curbed those sugar cravings. I have been in great form for the last month, nicely energetic and upbeat. Gwen, Athy.

Illness recovery

“I started drinking matcha tea shortly after having a stroke and you'd never believe the energy I got from it” Manus, Dublin.

I became suddenly ill in 2008 and found myself with very low energy. I discovered Matcha at a farmer market in my work place and can honestly say it made a huge difference to my energy levels and over well being. I now drink two cups a day.” Michael, Kildare

Just around this time my husband fell ill with pneumonia and he was very lethargic. I recomended he take this green tea, his recovery was amazing and his energy levels were boosted by taking the Koyu matcha green tea, I highly recommend this product.” Bernadette, Dublin

“Last year during the winter I had extremely bad problems with my circulation, particularily in my hands. This year I have experienced no such trouble even with the extreme cold we are having at the minute, the only difference this year is the addition of Matcha tea. Sometimes when you try a new product that has such wonderful health claims you wonder if its really having an effect, well I can say for certain Matcha has dramatically improved my circulation, and again i would be delighted to recommend it to anyone.” Ciaran, Dublin