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Koyu started as the brainchild of our founder Kevin 5 years ago. Back then there were maybe three or four websites in the western world offering own-branded matcha.We've seen a lot of people wake up to how great matcha is and a lot of competitors follow in our wake.

We were one of the first dedicated matcha tea companies in Europe and here's a few reasons why you can trust us for your matcha tea.

Our Experience
By our estimates, we've given out approximately 60000+ cups of matcha tea to people since May 2008. We've stood in stores from Cornwall to Edinburgh, and talked to people from Cork to Kensington. We've learned a lot about how matcha helps our customers and more importantly, which grades of matcha have which effects. We're ready and happy to pass on that accumulated expertise in our website. If you have any questions or concerns about taking matcha tea, just contact us by phone, email or Live Chat – we'll give you expert advice you can trust.
Our customers:
Planet Organic, Wholefoods Market, Revital, The Health Store. These are some of the top healthfood retailers in the UK. They know quality product and only deal with suppliers who are the best at what they do. They all stock our tea because of its quality, value for money and our expertise.
Our range
Matcha is not a one size fits all product: the same grade of matcha tea will not be equally effective for everyone. One grade of matcha simply cannot cover everyones needs. We know that our customers have different diets, lifestyles and habits Thats why we offer five grades of matcha tea currently, with more to come. More importantly, we'll help you pick the right one for you, to ensure you get the maximum health benefit from our tea.
Our tea's quality
Koyu's founder, Kevin started drinking matcha tea back in the last millenium. When he returned to Ireland after a 6 year sojourn in Japan, he resolved to create the world's best matcha tea company. To do that it was essential to find the best matcha tea suppliers. Our suppliers are world leaders in matcha, using levels of safety and hygiene that would put the high-tech industry to shame. They are also organically certified by the USDA, the JAS in Japan and the IMO in Europe.
Value for Money
Great matcha is expensive. That's a fact. If you see matcha that looks too good to be true for the price, it almost certainly is. Cheap, ineffective green tea powder is easy to produce, just like vinegar is easy to produce compared to a good Burgundy. Despite this we try to make our prices as affordable as possible. We run lots of special offers on our newsletter, offer money-off deals to members. We also offer ways for you to make money from your love of our tea: simply use our referral system to earn money from your friends purchases. You earn money, they get healthier. Sign up here.
We only do matcha.
Lots of tea companies now offer matcha tea as part of their range. For them its one of 30 or 50 or 100 different teas they do – they know how to make it and how its made, but they don't know how you can use it to look and feel so much better. Crucially they generally only stock one grade, which automatically limits how effective their offering can be from a health perspective. We've spent years listening carefully to our customers – both end consumers and health shop owners – and have collated all their stories, experiences, unexpected benefits and reactions so we can better advise you how to get the best out of this amazing tea.